Read interviews about Michaels process underwater, some stories of the equipment he uses, and about his inspirations that drive him to do the work that he does.




Applied Arts Magazine 2014:  Awarded

  • “Fire in the Sky” Series for the Fashion and Beauty Category.
  • “Heavy Like Rain” Series for the Fashion and Beauty Category.

Michael is proud to have participated in the 2017 Silent Auction to benefit the NYC Autism School, but donating 2 Limited Edition Prints from his “Forever Young” Series..

The NYC Autism Charter School began as a project under the umbrella of the former New York Center for Autism, now New York Collaborates for Autism, a non-profit organization based in New York City.

Click here to go to the NYC Autism Charter School Website

Photographing underwater adds a few layers of complication, but that higher level of complication is also what makes it exciting for me. It takes a great deal of planning and intuition to pull off a photographic vision underwater, as well as great communication. When all these things, and above comments, are put together in a well-functioning process/photoshoot, the imagery you can achieve can be out of this world.