This Snowdrop series “the Witching Hour” (on the left) and “Lucid Descent” (right) is part of a larger collection called “the Story-Tellers”, which is a very special project by the husband and wife team, Michael David Adams & Viktorija Bowers Adams.  Over the centuries there have been many storytellers, and many stories have been told.  Some call them legends, some call them fairy tales, some people live by what they have read and heard, and some people decide to create their own stories to live by.

     In this project, Michael and Viktorija will be paying homage to many of the stories that have shaped their lives as well as share the stories of their own.

     Michael and Viktorija have worked together for many years already…   This new project will fuse the traditional arts of watercolors, oils, and multimedia along with Fashion and Beauty photography in a collection of images that is projected to be released in a book and gallery shows.